Virtual High Five To Our Supporters


Our Office Recovery campaign was a success!  We surpassed our goal and raised over $30,000 to repair the flood damages to Church Street Schools Offices. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have made this all possible with their generous donations.  


Abbey Chung, Abigail Levin,Adrian Kunzle, Alan Zakin & Barbara Chapman, Alex Gorosh, Alexandra Eaton, Alexandre Duguet, Amy Ecklund, Angela Stone, Bailey Jones, David Faucon, Deborah Treisman, Dorothy Mehta, Elizabeth McCarthy, Emma Zurer, Eva, Fernanda Giacomelli, Harry Kendall, Iona Aibel, Jack and Eve Robbins, Jason Bratton, Jason Gewirtz, Joanna Jacob, Joanne Giganti, Jonathan O’Brien, Kim Yao, Leah Deese, Lisa Giobbi, Liz Asti, Maggie Kim, Marc Bazerman, The Mayesh/ Sandberg Family, Melissa Connor, Michael R Malafronte, Myongsu Kong, Nanette Gahn Pezzutti, Rachel Brown, Ryan Ruden, Shari Coats, Staci MacKenzie, Stacy Lee, Sue Landis, Susan Bodo and David Behl, Tamara Rubin, The Tandon Family, Taro Nakagawa, Yeneat Ophelia Chiu, Zoya T Loeb, and to everyone who gave anonymously as well!

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