June 24, 2019 – August 16, 2019 (One Week Sessions)

This summer join CSS art teachers Ruby McCollister and Natalie Casagran Lopez in exploring different approaches to art, while using the city as an exciting source of inspiration. These week-long adventures include filmmaking, performance, painting, science experiments, and much more! Students will also have the opportunity to take field trips and have supplementary musical experiences with our instrumental faculty.


June 24-28 – Film Workshop

Learn how to write, star and direct your own movie! This workshop will cover important aspects of cinema including, but not limited to, screenwriting, acting for the camera, and editing. The week will culminate in a film festival of our newly-produced movies.

July 1-5 – New Works Theater Workshop

During this workshop we will be taking part in a crash course on how to stage a production including playwriting, acting technique, costume construction, set design and directing! The end of the week will culminate in a celebratory performance of our newly-created ensemble work.

Note: Closed for July 4th; tuition pro-rated

July 8-12 – Fashion Club

Ever dreamed of striking a pose on the catwalk in fashion that you designed? Learn the history of fashion, beautiful clothes, and design, construct, and style them for our very own fashion show.

July 15-19 –Mythological Fantasy Workshop

Learn about multicultural mythologies and create work inspired by these myths. This is a highly mixed media camp and will include making costumes, writing stories, reading fairy tales, watching movies, and more!

July 22-26 – Science of Art Laboratory

Science surrounds so much of the art-making process and this camp explores dynamic, experiment-driven projects that will show us a new way to approach the materials that we use in the art room.

July 29- August 2 – Adventures in Painting

How big can a painting be? What is paint made out of? Can you use your own body as a paint brush? Do you have to use only paint to make a painting? This week-long painting class explores the versatility and dynamic aspects of painting in all ways!

Aug 5-9 – Church Street School TV Network

Announcing the Church Street School TV Network: CSSTV! Come create amazing content and learn how to make your very own TV Show. Our content will be broadcast throughout the week!

Aug 12-16 – Kids Comedy Club

Learn how to do comedy improv, create comedic sketches and perform your own stand-up routine! The week will end with a live comedy performance by our gifted kid-comedians.

**10% discount for registering for multiple weeks! 

Day Start time End time
Monday 11/14/19 10:00 am 11/14/19 4:00 pm
Tuesday 11/14/19 10:00 am 11/14/19 4:00 pm
Wednesday 11/14/19 10:00 am 11/14/19 4:00 pm
Thursday 11/14/19 10:00 am 11/14/19 4:00 pm
Friday 11/14/19 10:00 am 11/14/19 4:00 pm