In this class, students will learn the basic spokes/foundations of studio art and its wide expanse of medium, further define their personal artistic voice, and come away with a portfolio of multiple solid works.

We take the first class to explore and realize the students’ interests and/or uncertainties in art. From there, we explore all types of mediums/materials (from the expected to the unexpected, the sensible to the outrageous–oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic, clay, charcoal, construction, installation, storyboarding and more) to explore each students’ style.

The resulting portfolio will be rife with variation but echo a style unique to each student.


  • Teachers:

    Alex Dine

  • Price:
    $900 | 18 week semester
Day Start time End time
Monday 8/21/19 4:45 pm 8/21/19 5:45 pm