Discover a hidden talent and engage your creativity!

Our teen and adult programs focus on connecting you to whatever you dream of learning. Our adult classes are customized to your interests and schedule because we know that you’re busy but making time for creative expression is important to you. on our teen program, 72, can be found by going to

Teen Programs

Adult Classes

  • Instrumental Music Lessons — virtual & in-person

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    Rekindle an old passion or ignite a new one by learning to play a musical instrument! Flexible scheduling for all ages and levels available.

  • Improv & Theater for Adults


    Improvisational play used to nurture creativity, improve confidence in acting ability, and share in the social bond of laughter.

  • Adult Chorus — virtual only


    Music soothes more than the soul, it’s good for your brain, your muscle coordination, your heart and your lungs too!

  • Open Mic — In-Person


    Join us the last Thursday of each month for a night of music and fun! Come play with a live band or sit back, relax & listen to the talented performers from your community.