Explore! Series: Play, sing and create together!

At Church Street School we believe that hands-on experiences in the arts are fundamental to a young child’s understanding and growth. In our EXPLORE! Series, we offer a progression of classes designed to excite and physically engage your child in art and music making, allowing their unique artistic voice to shine through!

Level I is for toddlers with an adult and offers a first exposure to the elements of the arts; Level II is for children 3-5 years, focusing on basic music theory and art techniques; and EXPLORE! Piano introduces beginning instrumental lessons with continued emphasis on discovery and experiential learning.

Come and EXPLORE!

* Due to the current CDC, State and local guidelines in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, CSSMA will not hold any drop-in classes.

Explore! Series

  • Explore! Music I (16-36 months) — In-person


    The first in our progressive Explore! music series, this 40 minute class for toddlers with parents/caregiver provides children with first experiences in music and movement while building social skills.

  • Explore! Art I (16-36 months) — In-person


    The first in our progressive Explore! Art series, this class for toddlers with a parent/caregiver provides students with developmentally appropriate art experiences while exploring various media and techniques.

  • Little Creators (2 – 5 years) | In-person

    Tuesday, Thursday

    Little Creators offers a place for children to explore first art experiences and make friends . This 90-minute class has both visual art and music & movement experiences!

  • Explore! Music II (3 – 5 years) — virtual and in-person

    Tuesday, Thursday

    Based on the Dalcroze Method, this class creates musical experiences that engage students in a holistic way, using quick reaction exercises and instruments to motivate concentration and coordination of ear, mind and body.

  • Explore! Art II (3- 5 years) — virtual and in-person


    The next in our progressive Explore! Art Series, in this 45 min class builds upon concepts introduced in Art I. Students explore color, shape, texture, design and form, becoming familiar with a variety of materials and techniques.

  • Explore! Piano (4 -5 years) — virtual and in-person

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Are you looking to EXPLORE further? Explore! Piano I is the perfect introduction to instrumental music for the young beginner.

Drop-in Classes