What is the story behind Church Street School’s Gingerbread House Decorating Workshops?

Since our founding in 1990 we have been throwing fabulous gingerbread parties every December! Each year the gingerbread houses are lovingly baked from scratch in the home of the school’s founder. We gather with friends, family and neighbors to celebrate the season creatively while supporting arts education down.

Gingerbread Workshop reservation and pricing is done by the house- how many houses should we reserve for our family?

How many houses to decorate is completely up to you! Some families like to reserve one house and work on it together. We are big fans of collaboration and sharing; it definitely feels in keeping with the holiday spirit. However some families, particularly those with older kids, prefer to have more than one house to work on individually. We suggest you consider your family size and decorating enthusiasm and decide what’s best for you. Just let us know how many houses you would like to reserve and we will do the rest!

What is included in the cost of the house/ workshop?

The house cost covers admission for your entire family, all the supplies you need to create a gingerbread masterpiece (copious amounts of candy and icing!), live holiday music courtesy our acclaimed CSSMA teaching musicians and any assistance you might need from our wonderful elves!

How long does a workshop last?

You’ll have an hour and a half to work on your gingerbread masterpiece. Some families use that whole time, while others will be finished in less time. It’s totally up to you and your artistic vision.

How do I make a reservation and why do I need one?

Our Gingerbread Workshops are a long standing neighborhood tradition and tend to fill up quickly. Spots are first come first serve so we suggest you act quickly if you have a particular workshop in mind. You can make a reservation by calling 212-571-7290 or emailing gb@churchstreetschool.org or visit churchstreetschool.org/gingerbread.

How do we pay for our workshop?

Full payment is required to reserve a workshop. Unfortunately, we are not set up at this time to take online payments, but we can take credit card payments by phone (212-571-7290) or feel free to stop by Church Street School @ 74 Warren any time during regular business hours to pay your workshop fee in person.

Can we reserve a workshop with friends?

Sure! We love bringing the community together! Our workshops fill up quickly, so we suggest you call ahead and find out which workshop can accommodate your group and then make a reservation.

Can we do a private workshop?

We love planning private workshops, parties, corporate events and more! Our gingerbread decorating experience can definitely be tailored to your needs and schedule. Contact us for more info and rates- call 212-571-7290 or email gb@churchstreetschool.org.

I’ve already made a reservation but now something has come up. Can I switch to another weekend?

Sure! As long as there is space available it is no problem. Just give us a call or drop us an email at 212-571-7290 or gb@churchstreetschool.org.

Can we bring food or drink to our workshop?

Sure. However, workshops can get a little messy with lots of icing and candy, so we suggest if you need to bring drinks or a snack that’s easy to eat. You are also welcome to sit in our lobby while you snack.

CSSMA’s Gingerbread Decorating Workshops are a fundraiser? What do they support?

Church Street School for Music and Art is the only non-profit community arts school in lower Manhattan and provides art and music education to students of all ages. All proceeds from our workshops support the school’s innovative arts programs and its scholarship program. Attending a gingerbread workshops provides your family with a festive and creative way to celebrate together while also helping ensure young people in NYC have access to high quality arts instruction.