Winter 2020 Student Recital

**Please find the name of your teacher below for your recital date and time!!**

TUESDAY 1/21 @ 7:00 PM – Abby Payne, Liz Asti & Rosi Hertlein

WEDNESDAY 1/22 @ 7:00 PM – Allie Glassman & Burak Bedikyan

THURSDAY 1/23 @ 7:00 PM – Danny Kirkhum

FRIDAY 1/24 @ 7:00 PM – Tereza Lee, Michael Eaton, Michi Fuji & Susan Hyman

SATURDAY 1/25 @ 12PM – Jane Irving & Karl Kaminski

SATURDAY 1/25 @ 2 PM – David Stone (#1)

SATURDAY 1/25 @ 4 PM – Phil Stewart

SUNDAY 1/26 @ 12 PM – Matt Baranello

SUNDAY 1/26 @ 2 PM – Jung Sun Kang (#1)

MONDAY 1/27 @ 7:00 PM – Eri Miyashita & Sasha Kern

TUESDAY 1/28 @ 5:30 PM –  Richard Tschudy

TUESDAY 1/28 @ 7:00 PM – Kenny Shaw

FRIDAY 1/31 @ 7:00 PM – Steve Jabas & Sam Friend

SATURDAY 2/1 @ 2:00 PM – David Stone (#2)

SATURDAY 2/1 @ 4:00 PM – Johanna Kopp

SUNDAY 2/2 @ 12:00 PM – Kevin Bernstein & John Gray

SUNDAY 2/2 @ 2:00 PM – Jung Sun Kang (#2)

SUNDAY 2/2 @ 4:00 PM – Stacy Werdin

MONDAY 2/3 @ 5:00 PM – Angela Jaeger (Choristers)

WEDNESDAY 2/5 @ 6:30 PM – Sabine Heubusch & Yvonne Troxler

THURSDAY 2/6 @ 7:00 PM – Wilson Montuori, Todd Grunder & Kevin Hailey

Spring 2019 Recital Schedule

We’re excited to see our talented students perform at our annual Recitals! Find the spring recital schedule below:



Church Street School for Music and Art

**Please find the name of your teacher below for your recital date and time!!**

TUESDAY 5/28 @ 7:00 PM – Liz Asti and Sam Friend


WEDNESDAY 5/29 @ 7:00 PM – Karl Kaminski, Nicole Guberman & Rosi Hertlein


FRIDAY 5/31 @ 5:30 PM – Tereza Lee, Richard Tschudy & Kevin Bernstein

FRIDAY 5/31 @ 7:00 PM – Michi Fuji and Michael Eaton


SATURDAY 6/1 @ 12:00 PM – Danny Kirkhum and Rob Block

SATURDAY 6/1 @ 2 PM – David Stone (#1)

SUNDAY 6/2 @ 2 PM – Phil Stewart

SUNDAY 6/2 @ 4 PM – Jung Sun Kang (#1)


MONDAY 6/3 @ 5:00 PM – Angela Jaeger (Choristers)

MONDAY 6/3 @ 7:00 PM – Andrew Schiller & Kevin Hailey

WEDNESDAY 6/5 @ 7:00 PM – Eri Miyashita and Yvonne Troxler

THURSDAY 6/6 @ 6:30 PM – Sabine Heubusch and Burak Bedikyan


FRIDAY 6/7 @ 5:30 PM – Abby Payne

FRIDAY 6/7 @ 7:00 PM – Steve Jabas and Todd Grunder


SATURDAY 6/8 @ 12:00 PM – Jane Irving and Wilson Montuori

SATURDAY 6/8 @ 2:00 PM – Alex Dine and David Stone (#2)

SATURDAY 6/8 @ 4:00 PM – Johanna Kopp


SUNDAY 6/9 @ 1:00 PM – Kenny Shaw

SUNDAY 6/9 @ 3:00 PM – Jung Sun Kang (#2)

SUNDAY 6/9 @ 4:30 PM – Stacy Werdin


MONDAY 6/10 @ 7:00 PM – Matt Baranello

Detail for the spring semester make-up classes

LAST DAY of the spring semester: Tuesday, June 20


MAKE-UP WEEK for instrumental lessons: Wednesday, June 21 to Tuesday, June 27

*Make-up lessons will be held at held at their regularly scheduled time and day.*




  • Thursday, June 22  for the Thursday, February 9 snow day closure
  • Tuesday, June 27 for the Tuesday, March 14 snow day closure

INSTRUMENTAL lessons and classes:

  • Thursday, June 29 for the Thursday, February 9 snow day closure
  • Wednesday, June 28 for the Tuesday, March 14 snow day closure
  • *All students who intend to come for a make up at their usual time on Wednesday, June 28 will be required to confirm attendance.*


The Event 2017 Highlights

Thank you to everyone who made The Event another wonderful success!
We were so inspired by the great showing of support for Church Street School and for our Honoree, Harry Kendall.

To our Co-chairs, Danielle Elder, Lena Lalvani and our amazing planning committee, all who were in attendance, donors and everyone who participated in this fabulous night, we thank you! You helped raise crucial funds to support scholarships and music and art education for over one thousand students in NYC.

See below for photo highlights and join us next year!

All photos by Michael Scott.

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New for Fall! Art & Music Classes That Make Us Excited for September

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Fall enrollment is now open and we have some exciting new art and music classes in the works. With fall right around the corner, we encourage you to snag your spot ASAP, they’re sure to fill up quickly.

New After School Art Studio Classes

3D Building & Sculpture (5-7 yrs) – Explore 3D art in all forms!
Wild Paint Immersion (8-10 yrs)Dive into the wild world of paint and color.
Think Big! Public & Installation Art (11-14 yrs)Translate BIG ideas into large-scale artworks!
Textile Arts (11-14 yrs) – Explore sewing, weaving, dying & more!

New Instrumental Music Classes
FUNdamentals of Music (8 yrs & up) – Explore the building blocks of music!
Song Writers Workshop (10 yrs & up) – A unique intro to composition.

New Drop-in Program
Little Creators (16 mo- 5 yrs) – Drop-in/drop-off for a creative morning! Join us Tues/Thurs mornings for a music or art class, open play & story time.

Of course, we also have a full schedule of favorite classes returning. To see everything we’re offering this fall, download our 2016-2017 schedule. We’ll see you in the fall to make more music, make more art!

Spotlight on Church Street School

Take a look at this Spotlight on Church Street School by Tribeca Citizen! Learn about our beginnings, our unique philosophy and programs, and what the future has in store.


“We had 150 students when we were starting out, and this year we’re pushing a thousand,” says Lisa Ecklund-Flores, who co-founded the school back in 1990. “We’re the only non-profit school for the arts below Canal Street, and I’ve always felt like the school is a vessel for the community to use any way they want.”



Photo by Claudine Williams.

Creating & Sharing Church Street School’s Vision for the Future

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A Series of Town Hall Meetings

Church Street School, an anchor for cultural arts and education in the Downtown community for the last 25 years, is at a crossroads.

Join us to hear about the state of the school and the challenges before us, and share your thoughts and ideas about what we could and should be in the future.

We want to hear your voice and your dreams for this community as we embark on the next 25 years and beyond!

RSVP for April Town Hall Meetings:

Thursday, April 7th 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday, April 13th 9-10am

Monday, April 18th 6:30-7:30pm

RSVP for May Town Hall Meetings:

Wed, May 11th 9-10am

Thurs, May 19th 9-10am

Wed, May 25th 6:30-7:30pm

Meetings will be informal and limited to adults.

Creativity Workshop with Brewster Smith

Church Street School is excited to host former CSS Faculty Member, Brewster Smith, and this unique workshop. Space is limited, to register call 212.571.7290 or email

Your Creative Self: the Philosophy of Impact

Learn how to increase your creative impact.


 When: April 11& 12, 7pm – 10pm

Who: Open to anyone who communicates

About the workshop: Whether you are in the board room, the classroom or the school of life this course will introduce you to the tools that will improve the way you communicate and expand the boundaries of your personal expression in an interactive and experiential way. Two 3-hour classes.

About Brewster: Brewster Smith has been an Executive coach since 2009. In his private practice, Brewster has helped many individual clients through the years to achieve their personal goals and led numerous workshops as a freelance coach through the TAI Group. Individual leadership and communications coaching clients include executives from Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Monsanto, and Cognizant Technology Solutions to name a few. He has also helped presenters prepare for Tedx conferences at Columbia Teachers College.

Certified with the ICF as an associate coach, Brewster has been a performer, a professional musician and songwriter since the age of 12. He spent 15 years running Doggy Daycares in New York City and has been a consultant in the creation of Doggy Daycares internationally. After 6 years as President there, his expertise in pack mentality led him to make connections about leadership with both dogs and people. “Working with packs of dogs as an alpha was surprisingly relevant to my work as a coach with people”.