What kind of parties do you offer?
We offer unique birthday celebrations filled with laughter, creativity, and artistic expression.  You select the date, the time, the choice of a music or art party or both and we complete the details of food, décor, and making your child’s milestone as memorable as possible.

Desire something a bit more unique and intimate? Imagine the euphoria as your child and their best friend enjoy a drum session jam with one of Church Street’s own musicians, a special Star Wars themed art project or a karaoke party with their favorite tunes. We’ll plan it, coordinate and all you have to do is you enjoy the magic of the moment.  You remember the giggles, and the smiles, while knowing that you are supporting your local music and art school.

How do I go about booking a party?
Call us @ 212 571 7290 or email birthdays@churchstreetschool.org

Please provide your preferred party dates via email or phone so that we can look at availability as we discuss the party possibilities.

What types of art projects do you do in the art party?
Art project possibilities are pretty endless…  for instance, we can create Ninja’s with moving parts & handmade clothes , a neon garden with flowers and insects,  treasure boxes, big wall murals, painting on t-shirts, clay creations, three dimensional found object sculptures, creating creatures or dinosaurs using model magic, to name a few.  The key element in choosing an art project is for the artist to match the project to both the birthday child and the size of the group attending.  We ask the birthday family about interests and favorite activities.  The coordinator then relays that to the artist for inspiration and project possibilities that are both gender neutral and will appeal to the entire group.

We suggest you communicate to your guests that we will be engaging in an art project during the party.  Although we do provide art smocks, please choose party attire accordingly.

What if I wish to add food for the adults?
You may certainly handle all the food and bring in any kind of paper goods and party bags that you wish.  Or we can place the catering order for you and all costs would be passed on to you plus 25%. We place catering orders with Amish Market and Whole Foods to name a few.

Who provides the birthday cake?
You provide the birthday cake unless you wish for us to place the birthday cake order per your request with an additional fee of 25%.

What can I expect in a music party?
Richard Younger is our talented musician, or resident rock star and human jukebox for our music and movement parties. The music segment is 40 minutes of interactive music and movement in which the kids sing and dance using such props as egg shakers, limbo poles, parachutes, balls etc.  We request the birthday child’s favorite songs and design the musical segment to best fit his or her experience.

Where are parties held within the school?
We host parties in our music room, lower gallery, art rooms and performance space.
The space we use for each party varies slightly depending on either a Saturday or Sunday party and space availability.
Sunday’s tend to create a more intimate environment as the school is closed and thus minimal activity other than your celebration.

We use both the music room upstairs for our music and movement parties as well as our gallery space on our lower level.  We also have our performance space which offers a slightly larger venue if you might be having a greater number of adults.

What do the parties include?
A party coordinator will facilitate your planning and execution of all party details so that you may simply arrive with your family to enjoy the birthday experience. Food and beverages-Three pizza pies, juice or water for the kids. Décor- Basic primary color décor, plates, napkins and party set up and clean up. Space & Staff- A party coordinator, an artist or musician and assistants based on size of party.

How many kids may I invite to the party?
Our basic party is for 15 children with and an additional $25 for each child up to 25 kids.  After the 20th child we often wish to add an additional artist for a fee of $75 based on the total group number and the art project selected.

What are the contents of your party gift bags?
The gift bags are a medley of art supplies to create your own art project at home such as watercolor paint palette, brush, sponge, scissors, various shapes etc.  All of the supplies are those that all age kids would experience and use while doing art at Church Street School.  The key difference between ages is the level of independence and supervision they would need during the art process.

What do I need to do to reserve my future party?
We require a $200 non refundable deposit to secure the space.

When is my total balance due?
Total Balance is due upon the completion of the party.We are able to accept Final Balance payment in Credit Card, Check or Cash on the day of the party. Amount does not include gratuity.

If you still have remaining questions or if you would like to visit the space prior to reserving your party ~ Please call us @ 212 571 7290 or email us at birthdays@churchstreetschool.org