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Five tips for introducing your child to photography

  For as long as cameras have existed children have loved photography. It is a fast and accessible way to create, and the ability to directly abstract the world in which we live is priceless.  These characteristics make it a perfect medium for young artists to express themselves and investigate the world around them.  Parents […]

Smalls: Art Exhibition

An Exhibition of small works by the Teaching Artists of Church Street School for Music and Art. All art for sale, inquire at the desk. December 9th, 2013 – January 10th 2014 [table id=1 /] 74 Warren St, New York, NY, 10007

What is the Dalcroze Method?

Church Street School’s music classes incorporate The Dalcroze Method, a whole-body music education technique created by a Swiss composer, musician and educator in the early twentieth century. Today Church Street School founder and director, Lisa Ecklund-Flores, describes why the method is an incredible tool for teaching music. “I know, because I have experienced.” This famous […]

Jazz Summit

Wednesday, November 20th @ 8:00pm A fundraiser for Church Street School for Music and Art. Five staggering piano talents in solo performances on one special night. $25.00 per person. Limited tickets available, to reserve spots please call Toby at 212-571-7295 or email tobywine@churchstreetschool.org All proceeds benefit Church Street School

Church Street at Home: Vortex Art Project

Stuck inside as the weather turns cooler with little ones to amuse? At Church Street School for Music and Art, we are all about open-ended art projects that get kids engaged in creative thinking and experimentation while having fun. We call this process-based art and it’s the perfect thing for entertaining young ones on a […]

Piano Masters Concert

The second in a series of fundraising concerts for Church Street School Works by Chopin Schubert Debussy Gershwin And more Wednesday, December 11 at 8pm in the performance space, 74 Warren Street, NY, NY, 10007 25.00 per person, all proceeds to benefit Church Street School for Music and Art Space is limited. Please contact Toby […]

Annual Appeal 2013

The future of Church Street School for Music and Art is in your hands. Please be generous TODAY so your community will have a school for music and art TOMORROW. Levels Option 1 $1,000.00 USDOption 2 $10,000.00 USDOption 3 $5,000.00 USDOption 4 $3,000.00 USDOption 5 $1,000.00 USDOption 6 $500.00 USDOption 7 $250.00 USDOption 8 $100.00 […]