Yohanna has piano teaching and performing experience since year 2000 in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia that gives her global exposure and enable her to truly appreciate cultural diversity. Her interest in music started since she was four years old when she had her first piano lesson in Indonesia. In the year of 2003, she completed her Diploma in Piano Performing from the Associated of the Royal Schools of Music. Subsequently, her love for music brought her to University of Wales and received the Best Graduate Award of 2005. The Music Department in Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts Singapore recognized her talent, passion and achievement; hence she was offered a position as harmony and aural lecturer. Not only succeed in her academic, she successfully balances the role of a teacher and performer. Her philosophy in teaching is strongly influenced by Dalcroze and to pursue excellence holistically with fun and interactive teaching methodology. She coaches and mentors students to enjoy music and play piano, successfully win music festival/competition and pass international examinations with distinctions. Above all, she aims to make learning an enjoyable experience for the student.