Doug Hirlinger is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, producer, composer, and graduate of Manhattan School of Music. He teaches students of all ages and “skill levels” in drum set, mallets, music theory, and in ensemble settings. With young and/or beginning students his primary goals are to give his students positive and creative experiences in creating music with others and by themselves, and to teach them music by way of the instrument. Teaching the instrument, i.e. technique, usually comes later unless the student shows a strong interest and ability for the fine technical details. With these goals in mind Doug relies primarily on song learning, call and response, sound exploration, student led exploration, and recording and music technology.

Doug works with older and more advanced students in a more traditional manner, focusing on technique, sound, time, dynamic independence, poly-rhythms, theory, and the study and exploration of various musical traditions. Doug has performed throughout the US and Europe, recorded, mixed, and produced several recordings for other artists, and frequently utilizes technology to pursue his performing, composing, and teaching adventures.