Mission Statement:

Church Street School for Music and Art is the only nonprofit community school for the arts in lower Manhattan, committed to providing high-quality art and music programs for diverse students of all ages, abilities, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe in the transformative and therapeutic power of the arts and are dedicated to providing accessibility to the arts for all.

Since its founding in 1990, Church Street School has been dedicated to the idea that individual experience and personal discovery foster creative thinking and confidence. As the only not-for-profit school for the arts in Lower Manhattan, we strive to serve as community center for the neighborhood: a safe place where students, parents, children and neighbors share creative experiences, where kids play and grow together, where those with the challenge of disabilities find a place to shine.

At Church Street School we offer programs for students of all ages because we believe that creative discovery is a lifelong pursuit. Our creative journey begins at 16 months with Music & Movement and Visual Arts classes for toddlers. The Preschool offers children 2-5 years an immersive art and music school experience. For older students, our After School classes provide after school care in an environment of creative exploration. We also offer music classes and instrumental lessons for students 5 and up, including adults. Finally, our 72 teen program provides a safe venue for teens to explore their creative interests.

Our faculty and staff are professional artists, musicians and educators who believe deeply in the importance and accessibility of the arts to all. A group of acclaimed professionals from around the world, we leave space in our approach to learn from our students too.

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