10 Things Our Students Are Thankful for at Church Street School


We are artists, musicians and educators who feel so lucky to inspire kids everyday doing what we love.

This week we thought it would be fun to find out what our students love about ChurchStreet School for Music and Art. Here are a few of their answers…

1. Digital photography and my camera!- Cassie, age 8.

2. Cool art teachers!- Aurora, age 7.what_css_is_thankful_for_2013-_0014

3. Learning new songs on the piano
– Cassie and Ronan, age 8 + 10.

4. Drawing and painting- Silvia, age 8.

5. Making origami in afterschool. – Cassie and Alexis, age 8.

6. My art teacher, Azikiwe- Nikolai, age 10.

7. More piano!- Victoria, age 6.

8. Animation class! – Ronan, age 10.

9. Guitar lessons – Olin, age 8.

10. Making art after school- Victoria, age 6.what_css_is_thankful_for_2013-_0027


We are so grateful to the individuals and organizations who give generously so that we are able to offer programs like digital photography, guitar classes, animation and piano lessons. If you would like to bring more art and music to the lives of children in our community, donate to our Annual Appeal.

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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