We are professional artists, musicians and educators who love what we do and believe deeply in the importance of nurturing each student’s creative voice. Learn more about us below!

Administrative Staff

Lisa Ecklund-Flores
Executive Director

Betsy Kerlin
Associate Director

Toby Wine
Director of Programs

Neha Jiwrajka

Marketing Manager

Abby Levin
Development Manager

Annie Trincot

Marketing Assistant & 

After School Coordinator

Stacy Werdin
Program Coordinator

Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li
Office Associate

Alex Dine
Office Associate

Arieta Palevic
Office Associate

Preschool & Art Teachers

Z Behl

Cristina Corso

Terina Christy

Music Teachers

Theater and Drama Teachers

Ruby McCollister

Instrumental Music Teachers

Drums / Percussion
Wind, Brass & Recorder