is the only not-for-profit community school for the arts in Lower Manhattan. Located in Tribeca since 1990, we are an arts center where students of all ages share art and music experiences together. We specialize in helping each individual find their unique creative voice.

“Students who have had the opportunity to grow and thrive in an environment that supports curiosity, discovery, and creative expression have more self-confidence. They are more self-aware. This may be the most important gift we can give them in this complex and ever changing world.”

Dr. Lisa Ecklund-Flores, CSSMA Founder & Director

New Program Highlight: One Week Adventures in Art

This summer, join CSS art teachers, Ruby McCollister and Natalie Casagran Lopez, in exploring different approaches to art and using the city as an exciting source of inspiration. These week-long adventures include filmmaking, performance, painting, science experiments, and much more! Students will take field trips, learn about the many different practices of artists in NYC, and will make individual and collaborative art projects.

Learn about Dalcroze Eurythmics, the teaching method used for Church Street School’s early childhood music classes!

In this post, CSS founder Lisa Ecklund-Flores writes about the Dalcroze Method, the whole-body music education technique created by composer and educator Emil Jacques-Dalcroze in the early twentieth century. A unique musical experience, the Dalcroze Method is used in Church Street School’s music classes to motivate the students’ concentration and coordination of ear, mind, and body.